"Online4Edu" war ein Projekt der Stiftung Digitale Chancen in 2014 - 2016.
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Online4EDU - What is the current status of the project?

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BY Kevin Dooley (cut to size)

24.06.2015 - The project Online4EDU runs two years and we are slowly reaching the end of the first year. Therefore it is appropriate to ask the following question: what did the project consortium achieve until now and what are we currently working on? The consortium conducted a target group analysis and created the curriculum. Both outcomes serve as basis for the current development of the course ware for the blended-learning course.

In project work the first year is the time to lay the fundament for the development of the project´s outcome. In this case, the outcome will be a comprehensive training and certification programme that includes a curriculum, a blended-learning course with course ware, an established certification system and a handbook that guides other organisations to implement the programme.

This programme addresses teachers of all school forms in order to facilitate to them how they can exploit online collaboration tools for their work. This target group is very specific, so we conducted an extensive analysis including desktop research, online survey and expert interviews in order to find out more about how teachers use digital media and what tools are the most popular. The results will be published soon on the website.

On the basis of the analysis results, we developed the curriculum for the blended-learning course which will comprise three month of supervised online learning, face-to-face trainings and online workshops. The curriculum is organized in the three areas: firstly, the teachers will learn the technical knowledge and skills regarding online collaboration tools; secondly, the focus lies on methodological concepts of implementing online collaboration tools in the work of teachers; and thirdly, the course participants will make an own project using all the knowledge and skills they have learned before. A summary of the curriculum will be published on the website.

The current work in the project focuses on the development of the course ware for the online learning platform Moodle. The project partners collect useful information, material and links and puzzle them together to the e-learning course that will be piloted in 2016.

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