"Online4Edu" war ein Projekt der Stiftung Digitale Chancen in 2014 - 2016.
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Online4EDU: Train-the-Trainer in Dublin

Online4EDU drittes Partnertreffen in Dublin - Gruppenfoto

27.11.2015 - It has been an exciting week: the train-the trainer workshop of our project Onlin4EDU took place in Dublin. Two trainers form Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany traveled together with the project team to Irelands capital in order to experience not only the hospitality of the Irish people but also to learn more about the project and their very important role in it.

Within two days the trainers went through a full agenda including topics like the project goals and structure. But the focus had been on upcoming training programme for teachers.

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Online4EDU Infographic highlights research results

Titelbild der Online4EDU Infographik

12.08.2015 - Common online collaborative tools are only used infrequently or never by a large proportion of surveyed teachers. Even the most common used tools - mobile devices - are used never or less than once a month by almost 60% of teachers. These results of the Online4EDU research efforts can be seen in the new Online4EDU Infographic.

The infographic visualizes infrequent and sporadic use of online collaboration tools across the population of teachers. Confidence varies between tools, but even for ubiquitous tools such as mobile devices and social media, on average more than 40% of respondents were not at all confident or only a little confident. This level of confidence indicates that there is a very substantial cohort of teachers who lack the confidence to use even common online tools in the classroom.

Download the Online4EDU Infographic here.

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Online4EDU Research Report released


10.08.2015 - As part of the Online4EDU Erasmus+ project, the context and use of online collaborative tools by teachers in Estonia, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania were explored.

This research was aimed at informing the project’s goal of developing a blended learning course for teachers that introduces online collaborative tools in education. Such courses are very important, as online collaboration is now a crucial element in supporting the teaching process. Education needs to adapt to the potential of new technologies, such as online tools and social media. These technologies not only enrich existing learning practice, but they can open up the possibility to the educator of using different approaches to learning.

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Online4EDU - What is the current status of the project?

Puzzle mit Hand
BY Kevin Dooley (cut to size)

24.06.2015 - The project Online4EDU runs two years and we are slowly reaching the end of the first year. Therefore it is appropriate to ask the following question: what did the project consortium achieve until now and what are we currently working on? The consortium conducted a target group analysis and created the curriculum. Both outcomes serve as basis for the current development of the course ware for the blended-learning course.

In project work the first year is the time to lay the fundament for the development of the project´s outcome. In this case, the outcome will be a comprehensive training and certification programme that includes a curriculum, a blended-learning course with course ware, an established certification system and a handbook that guides other organisations to implement the programme.

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